Products for innovative key technologies

InTiCa Systems defines itself as an innovative provider of solutions and services for its customers and partners. This is achieved by our outstanding flexibility as well as by the steady expansion of our core competencies.

Product design & simulation · Plastics technology · Winding technology
Joining technology · Casting technology · Testing technology · Automation


Power electronics is an area of electronic technology that focuses on the use of electronic switching elements to convert electric power. The main products ...

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The rising number of appliances that produce and use energy is increasing demand for EMC filters for electromagnetic suppression. Unwanted interference between appliances ...

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The term actuator normally refers to the use of electrical energy to generate a movement or deflection. Actuators are used in many technical applications ...

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Stator coils are used in electric drives that convert electrical energy into mechanical power. A wide variety of different designs and electrical ...

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In this area InTiCa Systems mainly focuses on low frequency (LF) antennas and immobilizers. LF antennas are a key component in keyless entry/go systems, which allow drivers ...

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