The term actuator normally refers to the use of electrical energy to generate a movement or deflection. Actuators are used in many technical applications, for example in drive technology, valve technology and locking systems. InTiCa Systems specializes in the production of various types of actuator coils, which can be used in a wide range of applications in measurement control and regulation technology.

They are used in almost all sectors of industry because their applications are virtually unlimited. As in all other product areas, the product solutions supplied by InTiCa Systems are tailored specifically to customers’ requirements.   



  • Valve systems for adaptive chassis control
  • Electrohydraulic steering systems
  • Electromechanical steering wheel locking
  • Transmission control systems
  • Control systems for oil circuit regulation
  • Injection systems for diesel and gasoline
  • Valve for fuel shut-off

Industry and Infrastructure

  • Switching power supplies for current cut-off
  • Switching parts & valves for incinerators
  • General valve controls