EMC Filters

The rising number of appliances that produce and use energy is increasing demand for EMC filters for electromagnetic suppression. Unwanted interference between appliances can degrade performance of the power supply and onboard systems. Therefore, it has to be suppressed to prevent unwanted disruption.

Inductive properties combined with capacitors are the most common type of EMC filters. InTiCa Systems is already seen as a development partner, producer and system supplier of EMC filters. Demand for energy sources and electrical and electronic devices will continue to increase the future, creating rising demand for EMC filters.



  • Electric vehicles (EV)
  • Hybrid drives (PHEV / MHEV)
  • Hydrogen drives
  • Battery systems
  • E-axles and transmissions

Industry and Infrastructure

  • Filter assemblies for energy storage systems
  • Filter modules for charging systems
  • Filter modules for diverse industrial applications
  • Common mode chokes in all common designs