Power Electronics

Power electronics is an area of electronic technology that focuses on the use of electronic switching elements to convert electric power. The main products are inverters, charging systems and network switches.

These products can convert voltage levels, power and frequency. Normally, power electronics components comprise an electrical control unit, an inverter and a DC converter.

Power electronics has become more important as a result of progress in microelectronics and the associated improvement in control and regulation technology. For example, power electronics are found in the power drivetrain in all hybrid and electric vehicles.



  • Transformers for Onboard Charging Systems
  • Chokes for Onboard Charging Systems
  • Power transformers for DC-DC converters
  • Planar transformers for hybrid applications

Industry and Infrastructure

  • AC filter chokes
  • Boost converter
  • Boost chokes
  • High frequency transformers
  • Inductor modules for solar inverters