In this area InTiCa Systems mainly focuses on low frequency (LF) antennas and immobilizers.

LF antennas are a key component in keyless entry/go systems, which allow drivers to open the car door and start the engine without having to press a button on the radio frequency key. Antennas integrated into the door handles and the interior of the vehicle act as sensors. Bidirectional communication takes place between the vehicle and the key. If a key is recognized at a certain distance from the vehicle or if the vehicle is touched at certain places (e. g. the door handle), the vehicle can be opened or closed without using the key.

Immobilizers are another group of sensor products. Together with the associated control unit, the immobilizer prevents the engine being started without authorization.



  • LF Antenna and transponder technology
  • Immobilizers for start/stop systems
  • Long-range solutions
  • Antenna technology for comfort systems
  • NFC antennas with charging and data transfer function
  • Tire pressure monitoring (helix or LF antennas)